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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

More pills

I'm still not well. I've still got pneumonia, though I have some how managed to stay at home. Saying that, it's been a struggle to stay home, and each time I've seen the doctor they've questioned whether or not I should be home or in hospital. I went back to the GP last Wednesday and he started me on doxycyline - my third lot of antibiotics since this infection started. One of the side effects of doxycyline is photosensitivity, and I can categorically say that I have most definitely succumbed to this side effect. I was outside for a few hours on Sunday (my birthday) and now I resemble an embarrassed tomato. My face is bright red, and when I take my glasses off I look as though I have goggle shadows. It's really not a good look.

I had a phone call from my GP on Friday, and not from the doctor I saw on Wednesday. He wanted to check on how I was, and wasn't too impressed by the sound of me, pointing out that I couldn't actually speak in sentences, although I pointed out that I could still speak so I wasn't in dire straits. He checked out that I can still self-refer to the ward at the hospital and said to get in touch with them if there was any deterioration over the weekend. The GP phoned again on Monday evening to see how things were going, and again wasn't impressed so asked to see me, making an appointment for me there and then. I went yesterday afternoon. The first thing he noticed was the sunburn from the doxycyline photosensitivity and was quite shocked, even though I'd warned him when I spoke to him on the phone on Monday. He decided to stop the doxycyline straight away and instead put me back on amoxicillin (I've had two extended courses of co-amoxiclav already). The doc I saw last week had taken my sputum sample and the lab had returned the results. It turns out that I have Haemophilus influenzae pneumonia (Hib pneumonia), which isn't actually 'flu, despite it's name. Apparently it's quite unusual for people over the age of 4 to get Hib infections (you know, that one that babies are immunised against with the Hib vaccine), so yet again I defy normality. Anyway, Hib is supposed to be sensitive to both doxyclyine and amoxicillin so hopefully the bugs will finally decide that they don't like the company they're getting so upsticks and head off. I certainly hope so as it's been five and a half weeks now and it feels like they've taken up residence and settled in forever.


living_with_ba said...

Oh honey, you're going through the wars at the moment aren't you? I have a dreadful infection which is on it's third lot of antibiotics and am also trying to stay home..I was on clrithromycin but that wasn't doing much so now I'm on Mertonidazole and Ciprofloxacin, I feel better because I also had to take steriods which means another long course, which sucks, but it has to be better than another hospital stay. My new nebuliser arrived yesterday just in time so me and that have been bonding over the past few hours, still I wouldn't say I was winning the battle, just not losing it right now..
Feel better soon and I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't end up in hospital or worse :)

Love, Hugs and Prayers

Sarah said...

rubbish. Let me know if your feel up do doing something very gentle that will make you feel better. Or if you need anything.