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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Good things

While I'm having a rough time physically at the moment I think I need to spend a bit of time thinking about the good things and appreciating the positives. It can be all too easy to get trapped in the misery cycle, and sometimes making space to think about what's good in life is enough of a pick up to keep motivated, so here's a little list of some of the good things in life:

  • Friends. They are a wonderful gift and friendship is one of the most valuable things you can be given. I'm very lucky to have the amazing friends that I do.
  • My slanket. This is my new favourite possession and I now firmly believe that every household should have at least one.
  • The cat - Zach. He's completely nuts so keeps me entertained; is very cuddley (when he's not eating me!); and is great company.
  • A long lazy bath and freshly pumiced feet. Ah, the little things...
  • Heinz baked beans - the tasty, nutritious, Becky-friendly standby when cooking is too much to think about (I had them for tea tonight).
  • My nephews. The oldest one is three today and I spoke to him on the phone this evening. Both he and his brother (who's fourteen months old) never fail to make me smile :o)
  • Books. They feel good; they smell good; and they're easy to get lost in.
  • BBC Radio 4. It's an education. It's funny. It's interesting. It's dramatic. It's entertaining. Sometimes it can even be a little boring :oO but I listen to it anyway and often learn something.
  • Pyjamas - sheer comfort.
  • Music. I love listening to it and love making it. I managed to get to Christmas Choir practise last night and it was fantastic to be able to sing again for a bit. I was completely wiped out afterwards and today, but it was worth it.
  • Wednesday mornings when my carer comes. Once I've let her in the flat she usually sends me back to bed either to sleep or to listen to the radio and drink the cup of coffee that she always makes me as soon as she arrives.
  • Good neighbours. For many years I had horrendous neighbours in the flat above, but for the past three years or so I've had a lovely couple living above me, who keep an eye on me and always ask if there's anything they can do to help.
  • Creativity. I love it that I can do arts and crafts, and get pleasure from making things for people. I made my nephew's birthday card the other night and was really pleased with the result, but the real joy was that he liked it too and made a point of thanking me for it (and 'all the lovely birthday parcels') on the phone this evening :o)
  • An active mind. Sometimes when the body isn't up to much it can be frustrating to have such an active mind as I want to be doing all the stuff that I'm thinking about, but mostly it's good. It keeps me occupied. It keeps me interested in life, and life beyond myself. It gives me the ability to read and enjoy all sorts of things.
  • Comedy. I love a good laugh. I should sort out another trip to the Hyena Comedy Cafe with friends. It's not exactly cheap, but it's good fun ... maybe something to do in the long, dark days after New Year to help us giggle our way towards spring.
  • Better deals on utilities. I had a call from Virgin Mobile yesterday offering me a better package on my mobile phone than the one I already have with them - more minutes, more free texts, less money, and 3 months completely free as I was happy to keep the handset I've got. Hurrah!
  • Hot chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Ya see? Life's okay really. Sure, my body's not working very well at the moment, but all in all I do okay, with the best of people and the best of things - both big and small - that keep me ticking over. I have a heck of a lot more than a lot of people in the world, and for that I'm grateful.

What are you thankful for in your life? Maybe we can remind each other of some of the things that we take for granted but really ought to take more notice of.


Anonymous said...

you're amazing and fantastic

Anonymous said...

thankful for waking up to posts like this one

Wanda said...

Baked beans lovely to eat not so good as a face pack!

Though watching you eat them without utensils was the funniest thing I have seen in ages!

Unknown said...


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Unknown said...


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