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Monday, 17 May 2010

Bullet point update

This is going to be very short and in note form as I'm snowed under at the moment, but also very aware that I need to update you all.

  • I'm working myself into the ground with essay writing
  • I'm on to the last hurdle of my current OU course - Children's Literature
  • Trying to write ECA (End of Course Assessment - like a short dissertation-type-thing) and it's resulting in ECA (Emerging Cranial Atrophy) ;oP
  • Not sleeping at all well and have had two nights this week with no sleep at all, and all other nights have been disturbed
  • Lungs are on the downward slide
  • I think when the essays are done and sent, and the adrenaline has subsided then I might be in for a lung-splat :o(
  • Peak flow currently around 150 post-neb, so while that's pants it isn't (yet) awful awful awful ... for me.
  • Lung grumpiness is contributing to lack of sleep
  • Lack of sleep has meant that I've listened to a lot of the World Service.
  • Heard a news story on WS a week or so ago about a British man in Spain (a Lord, or something ... can't remember) who's been issued with an eviction notice ... on his grave! He's been dead since the late 1960s, but the authorities are seriously considering exhuming him for not having his grave maintained, which isn't all that surprising as his wife died not long after him and they didn't have any children. Madness!
  • Heard another item on the news about the result of one of the local elections, but unfortunately I can't remember where it was. Anyway, the results of the two leading parties were exactly the same so they got out a pack of cards and drew for the highest - highest card won! Shockingly this is within the laws of election!
  • Missed cateract operation date last week because the first I knew about it was a phone call from a nurse on the eye ward asking me if I knew I was supposed to be there for surgery. No! I didn't! They'd forgotten to send me a letter! &*^£%! I've had to go back on the waiting list and can only hope that they tell me about it next time. Very, very annoyed!
  • My shoulder is still sore, but it's mending now
  • I've run out of milk and the cat is rubbish at shopping

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