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Saturday, 9 October 2010


Very briefly dropping by to say that I'm home :oD I was discharged on Thursday late afternoon, despite feeling as though I may have been starting with a chest infection. The CT1 (SHO as was) said that I could stay if I wanted to, but I was determined to come home if at all possible, so I have been allowed to escape providing I got in touch with either them or my GP if the chest infection warning signs got at all worse. I promised I would. And first thing on Friday morning I was phoning my GP surgery for an appointment as I was producing pondlife :o( I'm okay, but I'm lurgified, and that seems grossly unfair. However, I now have PLECs - Pond Life Extermination Capsules - aka antibiotics, so I'm hoping they'll do the trick. While I was seeing the GP I asked about a short course of furosemide to help the water retention, and she was okay with that. I have to have my bloods done anyway (to check thyroid function and a diabetes screen, because of the possible carpal tunnel syndrome), so she's going to add on a renal function screening, although she could see from tests I had done in hospital that they appear to be okay. She was lovely. I hate my body, and I hate having it examined, but I knew she had to assess the oedema for herself so I let her and she put me at ease, and I was able to show her that although I'm far too big anyway, the *huge* pockets of fluid are not normal. She agreed. She was gentle while she examined me, but she could also see how tender I am, so she has given me a week's course of furosemide to help alleviate things. I have to go back to see her next week, partly to see how things are regarding the fluid retention, and partly regarding the chest infection. I hate that I seem to spend most of my life in hospital and doctor waiting rooms, but it really helps when the medics I encouter are so lovely.

By the way, I have a story to tell about a spider, but I'll get back to you with that next time.


Wanda said...

Hi Becky

I am really concerned about you, you seem to be going through such a tough time mentally and physically. Leaving a pile of hugs an reminding you non to gently you know where am please, please get in touch if you need me.


Chifi said...

Please give a warning before the s****r story! Glad your out xxx

Anonymous said...

That post was a while back, so I hope the pills and tests etc have done a proper job. Hugs, ViV