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Friday, 4 March 2011

Embrace the moment

Life is for living, wouldn't you agree? There are times when opportunities arise either to embrace moments of life or look all embarrassed and shirk away from them. Last night I was presented with one of these opportunities, and had one of the most surreal experiences of my life. I had come out of my PGC memoir writing class and was somewhat thoughtful after a couple of the exercises we'd done, but I was fairly cheery nonetheless, because I've been enjoying this module immensely and finding it very stimulating. I'd left the university grounds and was making my way down Northumberland Street - the main shopping street in Newcastle city centre - in my electric wheelchair, when I was challenged to a race. That would be an odd occurence in itself, but what made this particularly surreal was that my challenger was a man dressed as a nun driving a small, white grand piano, adorned with spiralled, blue rope lights, making it look quite magnificent as it came up the street in the dark, blasting out its variations of pop music (of sorts). It has to be said that I was a little bemused by the sight, but also thought it was wonderful with a particular kind of craziness. So having been challenged to a race by this 'nun' I had quickly to decide whether or not to embrace the silliness and possible embarrassment. I was on my own, but the street was still vibrant because the shops were still open, and it being 7.15 on a Thursday night in Newcastle there were more than a few who were already starting their weekend celebrations. They, and many others had heard the nun ask me if I'd like a race and there were guffaws all round, which then developed into whoops of incredulous pleasure when I decided to embrace the moment and accept the challenge. I had to do a little negotiation though as I'd been whizzing down the street and the nun had been driving his piano up the street. At first he was reluctant to go in the direction I wanted to go (I'm not sure why), but when I said that I needed to be heading vaguely towards my bus stop then he relented, and he did the race going backwards. I have to say that I've never before raced a man dressed as a nun who's driving a small grand piano blasting out pop music, but it was great fun. It was, I'm sorry to say, a very short race, but I won all the same :oD And the spectators cheered and laughed and enjoyed the sight of a nun driving a piano racing a woman in an electric wheelchair. And I've been smiling about it a great deal ever since, so I'm particularly pleased that I embraced the moment of silliness and lived that little moment of life, when it would've been so easy to give into the fear of embarrassment.

I've done a Google search on 'my nun' and I've found that he's called Sister Ruth, has her own website, and travels the country doing all sorts of gigs and parties. Great fun! Live life and embrace the moment!


Anonymous said...

classic!!! made me chuckle!! You should post these on fb!!

Amy x

BeckyG said...

:oD I'm glad it made you giggle, Amy :oD It's still making me giggle, and I got very excited when I discovered Musical Ruth's website LOL As for FB, I alluded to the experience in my status update yesterday and explained a little more about it today when somebody asked what I was alluding to. It was so funny.

Dawn said...

Haha! I wish I'd have been there to see that, that would have been the highlight of my week!!! x