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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Below par

It's the season for lurgies.  There are a lot of them about at the moment, and although I've done my best to avoid them I appear to have picked one up somewhere along the way.  It's not a major lurgy, presenting with slight coldy symptoms, a high temperature, and a hacking cough.  I'm sure it's viral, and most likely a cold of some kind, but there's no such thing as 'a simple cold' when you have severe asthma and I'm suffering.  My lungs are very unsettled, with nights being particularly bad and I'm not getting much sleep at all, despite lots of nebs and being propped up. 

My peak flow was 180 this morning.  It's been worse, a lot worse, but this doesn't bode well, and I'm a little nervous.  I'm at the stage where I'm not too awful if I don't move around, but as soon as I start to do anything I'm very breathless and wheezy.  Actually, I'm pretty wheezy most of the time, but it's a low-grade wheeze that I'm so used to that I don't notice too much until it starts to interfer with things; things like sleep, or breathing after a coughing fit, or getting comfy on the sofa.

There's nothing I can do at the moment but take as much care of myself as I can and keep up with the nebs.  I'm on maximum meds I can have 'in the community', as yet there's no call for antibiotics, and I'm not at the point of needing hospital.  However, I did go up to the ward at the end of last week for a portacath flush, when I was already below par, so the Charge Nurse knows that things aren't great, although things have deteriorated since then.  I'm really hoping that I can stave this off and get through without hospital, but I'm not 100% convinced I'll be that lucky.  Just so long as I can get to the Nigel Kennedy concert I'm supposed to be going to on Wednesday, and Lord of the Dance that I'm meant to be going to on Friday.  Oh, and if I end up in hospital after that then a short admission would be good because my MA picks up again at the end of the month ...  I have a feeling that I'm asking too much :o(


vivinfrance said...

Hang in there girl. You know you can do it. Prayers ongoing.

BeckyG said...

Thank you, Viv. Prayers very much appreciated.

Dawn said...

I absolutely hate being in the position that you've described; knowing that you're deteriorating and most likely heading for hospital, but, not being bad enough to need to be in hospital right now, but being bad enough that you can't do anything without feeling worse than you already do.
I hope you're able to get lots of rest, and that you're able to fight this off without a spell in hospital.
It sounds like you've got some nice things planned this week, sending lots of 'feel better' vibes so you're able to enjoy it :)
Hugs! Dawn x