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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Getting out

There's a good chance that I'll be going home tomorrow!  Hurrah!  On Saturday the SHO suggested that I aim for home on Monday, but then the registrar came in and said that if I didn't feel ready for home on Monday then I mustn't go.  I haven't felt ready so I haven't gone, and actually I started sneezing again yesterday :o(  I am desperately hoping that this isn't the start of yet another infection that's going to make me bounce back again.  Anyway, with this, and with general recovery, I wasn't right for home today, and when the reg saw me this morning he suggested tomorrow at the earliest.  Then my consultant came round and he clearly didn't think today was a good day for me to go home, and even seemed slightly surprised at the suggestion of tomorrow, but I'm hopeful.  Mind you, Dr H wants me to give another sputum sample before I go as he wasn't totally satisfied that the pneumonia bugs aren't creeping back from what he's seen that I'm coughing up.  I know that if I'm not right tomorrow then I mustn't go home despite how desperate I am to do so, but I think I should be okay.  I'm crossing everything.

I've been for a couple of trundles off the ward the last few evenings that W has been in.  Twice we've done a circuit of the outside of the hospital buildings (still within the hospital grounds), but this evening we got up to mischief.  This evening we went to the park across the road from the hospital, stopping on the way over at W's car where we picked up the fireworks we've been storing up since November :oD  We'd bought the more expensive ones this year, and we could really tell the difference from the cheap ones we've had in the past.  For starters they lit so much easier, but more importantly, the fireworks themselves were bigger, the bangs louder, and they were generally more impressive.

We positioned ourselves at the far end of the field directly opposite the hospital, but down the path that runs by the side of the field so that we didn't have all the lights from the passing cars shining directly onto us.  We then unpacked the first box of fireworks.

One by one, W set them off, and here are a few photos of some of them:

We, or rather W, soon learnt that she'd need to light the fireworks from a further distance than we've done with the cheaper ones in the past as we kept being hit by flying debris, but thankfully none of it was alight.  I had visions of us returning to the ward saying, 'So erm, we've been up to mischief, and whilst I can still breathe, we've both got third degree burns.  Anything you can do to help?' ;o)  Thankfully, the only thing we came away with was the giggle for having been up to so much mischief whilst I'm still a hospital in-patient.

Before we were ready to set off back to the hospital we had one big box of 24 fireworks - one fuse to light and the whole lot went off in a storm.  Here's W with the box just before taking it almost to the middle of the field.

It must have lasted only a matter of twenty seconds or so (if that), but it was spectacular. 

There were more than a few boxes and cartons to tidy away afterwards, and as you see in the second picture below, the box from the set of 24 on one fuse wouldn't fit in the bin.  We're wondering what on earth the council workers will think when they come across the dead fireworks box in the morning.

I wasn't sure whether or not I was going to tell the staff what W and I had been up to, thinking they might then blame any chest-tightness through the night on the fireworks.  I left it a while, but have since told the nurse looking after the patients on my end of the ward what I did on my excursion off the ward.  She thought it was great!  She also said that they could hear the fireworks on the ward and the health care assistant had asked if that was fireworks she could hear.  The nurse had apparently replied, 'I hope so, because otherwise it's a major gangland shooting going on!'  I showed her some of the photos of my and W's antics this evening and as she left my room she said that I'd really cheered her up :o)  The antics really cheered me up too :oD


Kat said...

Glad you had a bit of fun - and I'll be keeping everything crossed I can that you'll be let home asap! :)

Sal said...

That trip out will have done you far more good than it would have done harm! W knows what you're capable of coping with far more than any hospital staff! xx

GAP said...

looked great fun, so pleased you had a lovely evening and pleased you are home and lurgies not still lingering!

Dawn said...

hehe sounds like a great little excursion out!
I think it's great that you know whether you're ready to go home, and the docs listen to you. I'm processing my past few days before writing my next blog post, and this topic will feature!
I hope you're continuing to feel better, and that you're home if you're ready. If you're not home yet, I hope you feel ready very soon!!
Dawn xx