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Monday, 4 February 2008

A bad night

I have had an awful night unable to breathe, and have consequently had no sleep. I'm not critical yet though so there's nothing the hospital can do for me (I'm on maximum treatment other than what's given in crisis). I've managed to beat my lungs into submission to a certain degree by (over) using my nebuliser, but from here on it's a 'wait and see' situation. Anyway, in the midst of the misery last night I decided to distract myself as much as I could with making up some limmericks. Here they are:

A Prayer

Lord, I ask for a gentle reminder.
A poke in the ribs would be kinder
When my lungs are in doubt
How to breathe in and out,
Than stuffing me whole through a grinder.


I think that I've mastered the art.
I've learnt the rhythm by heart -
Breathe out and breathe in ...
And repeat it again ...
Oh damn! I've forgotten the start!

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