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Friday, 29 February 2008

No see of IC

This is Imposter Cat. He's a difficult subject to take a decent photo off, because he has a tendency to come out as two glowing, yellow circles near the top of a mass of indescript black, as his immense furriness hides most of his feline features. So this was the best I could do, and it was taken shortly before I went into hospital. While I was in hospital my friend J, who was feeding Zach, made an attempt at catching Imposter Cat to take him to the dog and cat shelter. He didn't manage to get hold of him and bundle him into the cat basket, but since I've been home I haven't seen IC. I've heard him sneak in through the cat-flap once or twice, but he seems to have become more nervous again and isn't hanging around. This is very good news for Zach, whose now much happier again.

So this is a very relaxed Zach, stretched out in front of the fire and generally looking very happy, don't you think? As I say, he's a lot more relaxed now that IC hasn't been around so much. Even when there have been the tell-tale clatterings of the cat-flap, suggesting that IC is poking his nose through the door, or trying to sneak in to steal Zach's food, Zach has regained his courage. He's rushed to the kitchen to see who the intruder is and has then seen them off, which is how it should be, but he'd got all nervy and unhappy when IC was making himself so comfortable here. I'm still not convinced we've seen the last of Imposter Cat, so I may yet have to try catching him myself to take him to the dog and cat shelter, but for now I shall enjoy having a more settled Zach again, and Zach can enjoy feeling safe and secure in his own home.

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