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Monday, 3 November 2008

Count down

I got to the medieval party on Saturday :oD It was fantastic and I had a wonderful time. I will do a separate post about that, but probably not for a week or so, because now the adrenaline that's been keeping me going over the last couple of weeks is fast disappearing and I think that I'll be heading for hospital either tonight or tomorrow :o( My peak flow is making a rapid decent from it's already low levels to even lower readings, and if I continue on as I am then I may only make it an hour or so until I'm calling for an ambulance ... and maybe a friend to accompany me through the completely rubbish admissions system that will (if I'm admitted tonight) cause me to be ferried all over the city between hospitals over the next day or so :o( I would perhaps have contacted the ward a little earlier on, but I've been to see a member of my family whose not well and their spouse needed an opportunity to do some important sorting. It's difficult writing about this, because I have to be somewhat vague so as to maintain the anonymity of the people involved. I want to respect their privacy and be sensitive to their situation whilst also representing that part of my life. So anyway, I wasn't grand this morning, but not as bad as I am now, so when I got a call asking me if I'd go up (I got a lovely meal whilst there too :o) ) I said I would, and also that it'd be good to see them. However, I've deteriorated while I've been there and have hurried home as I've had a not too great experience of the hospital that is nearest them. Now I'm home I'm pottering, slowly gathering bits and pieces together for an upcoming hospital admission, whenever that may be. I always have my case packed, but I need to gather my meds; update the list I keep of all my meds so the docs don't have to trawl through a huge carrier bag full of bottles and boxes; and it's always good to have one or two things with me for when (hopefully) I'm starting to feel better.

So on that not so cheery note, I will leave you for now and get on with my gathering, and then wait for the point of splattage.


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living_with_ba said...

I hope this finds you well, as you'll know if you've been able to read my blog, I was offline for a month due to isp issues and have only just come back.

Hope you're not in hospital, but experience tells me that you probably are, so I hope it passes quickly and the splat isn't too splatty.