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Sunday, 20 September 2009

We've arrived

W and I have arrived in Somerset after a fairly easy journey yesterday. It was long – about 7 hours all together – but it didn’t seem that long because of the company, although the traffic was pretty heavy most of the way.

The sat nav did a wonderful job of getting us here, except for the last little bit where it took us to the wrong house, but the woman there was friendly, helpful, and directed us to the manor house. Our cottage is attached to the manor house, which has a brook that serves as a moat. It’s very, very lovely here and ever so peaceful. When I woke up this morning I lay in bed for a while listening to the sound of nothing but a crow :o)

The cottage and the manor are both very old, with parts of the manor house dating back to Norman times! Obviously we don’t get to see inside the manor as it’s lived in, but we are right next door (actually, we’re attached to it), and the cottage is full of character – big, old beams, a slopey floor upstairs, a wood-burning stove in a huge, stone fireplace, walls that are 2-3 feet thick, and a twisty little staircase ... which I fell down last night and banged my back really hard. It winded me completely so for a moment I wasn’t able to breathe, and apparently I went completely white, but in the end I was fine; just sore. I feel a bit battered today, but nothing that’s going to spoil my time here.

So today is a lazy day. We’ve had a looooong lie in, and now we’re lounging in the living room. In fact W is still in her pjs even though it’s almost 1:30pm :o) We’re planning on going for a look around Frome sometime this afternoon and then go to one of the local churches this evening. W is a Baptist where as I’m Church of England. It doesn’t really matter as it’s the same God, but the worship is different so what we’re used to is different. We were talking about it last night and trying to decide what to do about going to church – we both wanted to go to a church today – and in the end I came up with a plan: we could go to the Baptist church this evening, but go to evensong at Wells cathedral when we head off there later in the week. Anyway, it’d be crazy to go to Wells cathedral and not go to evensong.

Well, W has gone off to get dressed so I’ll make steps to get ready for going out. It looks like a lovely day out there so we’d better make some use of it.

Catch you later.


living_with_ba said...

Hope you have a lot of fun :D The cottage sounds soooo lovely!

B said...

hope you're still having a lovely time!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Nice place, Somerset. Very under rated. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it.

BeckyG said...

Thank you all. We had a very lovely time and a much-needed holiday.

Ken, I reckon you're right that Somerset is under rated, which is such as a shame as it has a huge amount to offer.

Joey, one day we'll get to meet up. I love the west country and I'll definitely be down that way again, so when I am we'll have to get together. Oh, and the cottage was wonderful.

B, we had a fantastic time!