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Monday, 7 September 2009

Case concluded

I'm most disappointed. I'm not going to have my day in court after all :o( I received a letter on Friday from the Criminal Justice System Prosecution Team telling me that the police caught up with the man who attempted to thieve my holey watering can, and at his second hearing he pleaded guilty. I guess it's about time that something sensible happened in this most ridiculous affair, but it's disappointing all the same that I'm not going to be able to watch the magistrate try to keep a straight face during a full trial. Now that the defendant has been found guilty (on account of finally pleading guilty) I suppose it's alright for me to name him here ... So, for the 'following charges:

1. Theft
2. Failing to surrender to custody at appointed time

The John Francis Joseph O'Donnell [I bet he's Irish Catholic!] was sentenced as follows:

1. Ordered to pay the court a fine of £90
2. Ordered to pay the court a fine of £30'

I expect that £120 is probably quite a lot of money for this bloke, seeing as he's a scrap metal merchant ... who's so desperate for cash that he tried to nick my aluminium watering can with holes in the bottom. It must have a scrap value of about 10p!

I must just share with you the last paragraph of this letter I have from the CJS:
'I would like to thank you for your assistance as a witness in this case. Your evidence was very important in bringing this case to justice and your contribution is greatly appreciated.'

This makes me laugh so much. I didn't see anything! I didn't hear anything! I was asleep at the time! I only knew about the attempted theft because of a phone call from my neighbour who *did* actually see it happen! The crucial bit must have been that I looked out of the window after being informed of the crime and sure enough, there was a distinct lack of holey watering can in the spot that it should've been. This must have been vital information and deeply significant in the successful outcome of the prosecution. What it is to be a helpful member of society in police investigations ;oP

Oh yes, the letter also informs me that I can apply to the Criminal Injusries Compensation Scheme for the psychological injury this crime has caused me, and that if I wish I can also take 'the person responsible' to the civil courts. You know what, I think I might just not bother with that. It's not stoicism. It's not the Great British stiff upper lip. It's not that I'm too traumatised to be able to deal with such things. No, it's because it's so bloody ridiculous! ;o)

I'm still disappointed not to have to go to court though.

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Joey Paul said...

I'm sorry you didn't get your day in court! It would have been funny to have heard about...