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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Sew relaxing

I love doing cross-stitch.  I find it relaxing and can get absorbed in it for hours.  It can be a bit of a strain because of the holmes-adie pupil in my left eye, and before the cataract surgery it was impossible for a while, because I simply couldn't see what I was trying to do.  Since then I've loved getting back to it and have spent many hours luxuriating in the peacefulness of the activity.

I've been working on a cross-stitch Mr Men height chart for my youngest nephew.  I'd been hoping to get it done before he was born in February, but studies and lack of breathing ability got in the way, and J was born on 23rd February without me having finished the cross-stitch.  I'd then been hoping to have it done in time to take the finished product to Yorkshire, but that didn't happen either.  However, I did eventually finish it last night.  Here it is:

I'm really pleased with it.  The stitching itself (and the rectification of mistakes along the way) took ages, but then I had to hem it, weight it, back it, and make it into a hanging thigumy.  There weren't any instructions for any of this so I've had to be creative in working out how to do it, which perhaps makes the finished product more satisfying.

I've already started on the next one, which is a sepia-toned harbour scene for my dad's birthday next month.  Hopefully I'll get it done and framed on time.


Lucy said...

Aha, that's what a 'hanging thingummy' is! I was wondering. It looks splendid: well done! All I've ever managed to cross-stitch was a tiny lavender pillow for my Nan. I completed it on a train and got funny looks from the man opposite when I chopped the toe off a sock to put the lavender in.
Luvnhugs, Lucy

fallen said...

That's fantastic!

Saira x

BeckyG said...

Thank you, both :o)

LOL Lucy. I think I'd also have given you a funny look when you cut off the toe of a sock for the lavender. It's not the most obvious use of a sock, nor the most obvious thing to do on a train ;o)

Kate said...

Hi Lucy - fancy meeting you here, li'l sis :-)
I can rival you for tardiness in completing a crossstiching project, Becky - I have some penguins, still on canvas, about 60% complete, that I started in ... oooh, let's see now ... ermmm ... 1996. Ouch! I take it out every now and then, and stitch another few stitches, but the new threads I use are beginning to be different colours from the originals!
Your Mr Men height thingummy looks great (and complete!) :-)

Dawn said...

Wow, very impressive! Well done :) xx

Dawn said...

I've been having the same problems with blogger. My temporary fix is to log out, delete all cookies, then log back in making sure to uncheck the 'remember me' box. It means I have to keep logging back in but it's working (for now). I thought you'd be more likely to see this if I posted it here rather than my blog :)

BeckyG said...

LOL Kate. The Mr Men height chart hanging thingumy has taken a lot longer than I'd hoped, but I was a heck of a lot faster with it than I was with the musical instrument one that I finished last year ... and which I started in 1993/1994! Some projects are obviously meant to be long-term ;oP

Dawn, thanks :oD And it's helpful to know that it's not just me who's having problems with commenting in blogger (except on my own blog). It keeps sending me back to the sign-in, asking for word verification and then sending me back to sign-in. I can end up going round and round in circles and getting nowhere. I'm not techy enough to know what to do other than leave an anonymous comment :O( At least you sound as though you know what you're doing ;o)


Tequila Sepulveda said...

Ok, forgive my American obtuseness, but that's in Meters? :D

I think it's fantastic, Becky. And I think you've reminded me that I have projects I could be working on, like finishing my poor mosaic'd planter that I've only been working on for MONTHS! Maybe getting out my watercolors would get my mind off other things, too. ;)

Many hugs!

BeckyG said...

Hi Tequila, yes it's centimeters :o) and thanks for your positive comments. I've really enjoyed doing it, even if it has taken rather a long time. I always find doing creative and crafty things helps restore something in me and gives me a different focus from the rubbish health stuff. Maybe now would be a good time for you to get back to that mosaic or your watercolours. I'd love to see some of them too :o)


Joy said...

It's lovely, Becky.

J x

tea and cake said...

Wow, Becky, that is wonderful!

BeckyG said...

Thank you, Joy, and thank you, tea and cake :o) I'm about to spend most of this afternoon cross-stitching the pic I'm doing for my dad. It's coming on nicely :o)

Oh, and welcome to my blog, tea and cake :o) I haven't seen you here before and it's a pleasure to do so now :o)

Little Brew said...

Hi, i know its a long shot, but do you still have the chart for this? i have been searching the web trying to find the chart as the it is now discontinued. would happily pay for the postage charge if you could send me a copy? would love to put this up in our nursery for our small one who is due in July.


BeckyG said...

Hello Jess,

I've just had a look and found that I do still have the pattern for this cross-stitch. You're welcome to it if you would like it. If you post your address here it will be sent to my email for moderation (as all posts are). Of course I won't publish it, but I will get your address. Would that be okay?


BeckyG said...

Thanks for your address, Jess. I've posted the pattern off to you right away so that I don't forget, and sent it first class so you should get it in the next day or so. Don't worry about the postage as it was minimal, but if you like then put a donation into a charity box instead. Enjoy the cross-stitch! :)

Becky x

delphine said...

Hi there,
It's a lovely height chart. And I love the finishing. I ve been looking for that one for a while now for my little boy who loves Mr Men... any ideas where I could find the pattern as it is indeed discontinued? Many thanks. And have a merry Christmas . Delphine

BeckyG said...

Hello Delphine,

Thank you for your positive comments about the height chart. I bought it a number of years ago now in Fenwicks, Newcastle, but I doubt they have it now. There's a website called Sew and So that might possibly have it, I guess, or maybe Bothy Threads, but I don't really have any idea. I'm afraid that I passed on the pattern to someone else so I can't even send it to you. I hope you find it or another one that you like.

Have a good Christmas.

Little Brew said...

Delphine, I am the lady who was passed the pattern, I am mid sew... Hard with a 5 month old!!! If you wish and Becky will assist, I could pass you the pattern when I have finished, just 2 characters and backstitch to do!


delphine said...

Hi Jess, just realised that you probably never received the email I sent 2 weeks ago.😯 I know what it is like with a little one. So small and such a handful! If you can send me the pattername when you are finish that would be awesome. Let me know when you are ready and I will send you my address. No rush! Many many thanks. Delphine

delphine said...

Hi Jess,
would you still have the pattern for me? i want to make it now for my pregnant sister!! thank you