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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Coming out of the hodpits

I sent a text to my mother this evening in which I somehow misspelled the word 'hospital' as 'hodpit.'  On reflection I thought this rather a good word that well describes the hospital-induced grumps, so I've decided to adopt it as such :o)  Today has been a better day as far as the grumps have been concerned, so it could be said that I'm coming out of the hodpits :o)

One of the cheerier things about today has been the registrar saying that, providing I feel well enough, I can go home tomorrow!  She initially said we'd see how I went over the weekend and think about it for Monday, but I then suggested Saturday.  It turns out that my liver function tests (LFTs) went somewhat awry when I was on antibiotics for the chest infection (the doc didn't explain any further than this, but I think I'll ask out of interest), so they took blood again today to check that things are back to normal with that before they give me the final okay for home tomorrow, so I have everything crossed.

Although I haven't slept well for a few nights, with difficulty getting to sleep more than anything else, I had a slightly better night last night.  I didn't get to sleep any earlier, but I think I slept more deeply once asleep, and I was left to sleep on in the morning as well.  I suspect being a little less tired has helped me to come out of the hodpits too.

W and I had been planning to go to a fireworks display this evening, but of course I wasn't able to go in the end because of still being in hospital.  W almost didn't go herself, thinking it would upset me that she was able to do something she knew I wanted to do, but in the end she did go and I'm glad she did - there's little point us both missing out on the fun.  Anyway, W videoed most of the display on her camera and we watched it together on my laptop when she came to visit afterwards.  The other thing we did was light sparklers in the hospital garden.  I was sat there in my pyjamas and a blanket in my wheelchair, twizzling sparklers, waving them in the air, and calling out, 'hello' to all who passed by.  It was great fun.  Here's a very rare photo of me with sparkler in hand in the hospital grounds:

W also had sparklers, but she didn't join in the calling out of, 'hello' to strangers, though I think she enjoyed mine.  I certainly had fun, and it definitely got me out of the hodpits :o)


B said...

Lovely to hear you sounding more cheerful again! Everything crosssed for tomorrow (and for a good night's sleep!)

Joy said...

Love the photo!! Hoping that you gat home soon!
J x

Sal said...

I can just see you sat there, yelling hello to passers-by! I bet you made a lot of people smile! So glad things are looking up at last! xxx

Dawn said...

Hodpits! Haha I love that!! I know exactly what you mean by the hospital-induced grumps, so I'm sending you huge hugs!!
Hope you made it home today :)
Love and hugs, Dawn xx

BeckyG said...

It was great fun and definitely cheered me up :o)