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Thursday, 13 December 2007

Distinctly happy

In October I finished a course in creative writing that I had been studying with the Open University. I got the result for this course yesterday ... I got a distinction (a first)! I am extremely pleased and a little surprised. I had no doubt that I'd pass as my grades throughout the course were all good (I think my lowest was 70%), but the ECA (End of Course Assessment) was 50% of the overall grade and there was no guarantee that I'd do as well in that as I did with the other assignments. The other thing to say here is that while brick universities have their first class marks begin at 70%, the Open University's first class marks being at 85%. I can hardly believe that I did so well, because it's not been a straight forward year for me. As I've said before, I've had about 3 months in hospital all together this year; then there's been the death of my friend Laura; and then an upsetting diagnosis of a close family member. I won't go into details of that, as I want to protect their privacy, but just to say that it was a shock and has been stressful at times, particularly when I was first told. So yes, this year has been challenging, which is why my achievement in the creative writing course has been a bit of a surprising, but ever so, ever so pleasing. Now all I have to do is maintain this level of success throughout the next few years of my degree!

I'm also happy tonight because I've just been out to a pantomime - an adult-only improvised pantomime. It was ever so funny (if rather rude ;oP ), and great fun. I had organised a group of us to go when I'd first seen it advertised, and knew that the company doing it - The Suggestibles - usually sold out quickly, so bought fifteen tickets. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and I had a great time :oD

Okey dokey, on that note I'm off to do a little bit more Christmas present making before taking my distinctly happy self to bed :o)

Night all :o)

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