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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Thursday morning

Thursday morning was one of those times that some may call 'a challenge', but personally I call it a bloody nightmare ;o) It began with my not getting to sleep until 4:30am when I needed to be up at 8am for an appointment with my asthma consultant. I don't know why I couldn't sleep, but it meant that I ended up sleeping in until 8:25am, which meant that I was then rushing around in a bit of a panic as my appointment was at 9:20am. Rushing is never good for the old lungs, but I managed not to make myself too wheezy and breathless and left the house only 10 minutes later than I should've done, getting to the hospital only 5 minutes lates. When I parked the car though I noticed that I'd left the lights on, but considering that I was late I thought it'd be okay for just a short while. Now it may well have been fine for a short while, but over an hour later I returned to the car to find the battery completely flat. There was a man sitting in the car next to mine so I knocked on the window to ask for his assistance and a loan of his car battery to jump-start mine. He told me that his battery was fully enclosed, or something (I didn't really understand, but hey ho, that's what he said), but that he could try to bump-start my car. Unfortunately, at this time, there were only the two of us in the car park so he was trying to push my car on his own. He managed to move it, but the road surface was rubbish and we had no hill to work with so he didn't manage to bump-start my car, merely move it from one parking space to another. The poor man looked exhausted and rather disspirited. At this moment a couple appeared and asked if I needed help, and the gentleman kindly let me use his car to jump-start mine. Great! Now, I really needed to get home to finish making a few Christmas presents as I needed to catch the last post guaranteed to arrive before Christmas, but of course I had to go for a drive in order to charge the car battery, so off i went. I decided I'd drive to the coast on a rather long and convoluted route, which would've been fine if I hadn't then run out of petrol on the dual-carriage way! Luckily I was right beside a petrol station so was easily able to fill my petrol can and then fill the car. I continued my drive to the coast and then set off back home.

It was something of a relief to arrive home after all that, but was immediately confronted with huge amounts of cat sick (from fur balls, nothing more serious) in the hall. This is never pleasant, as I'm sure you can imagine. I cleaned it up, only for my own insides to start on a half-hour of squiffiness. Again, not pleasant and resulted in rather a lot of dashing backwards and forwards to the toilet, during which I discovered that I hadn't cleaned up all the cat sick as I stepped in some in my stocking feet! Thankfully the morning ended there, and things improved, but I have to admit that in fear of a repeat of an horrendous morning yesterday, I spent the morning in bed :oD

I hope that your days have been a great deal better than that. Mine have improved since then, thankfully :o)

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Anonymous said...

Becky - bless you bless you bless you! What a manic day, bit like the day I took a coach load of kids on a school trip and we went to the wrong church of the same name and a motorcycle crashed into the bus. Not sure I told you that one...
Bad news about the fur balls, hope zach is ok :) could be worse - I woke up in the night 2 days ago wet as one of ours puked up three furballs on the bed - eughhhh.
Love you babe, hope you had a fab Christmas
isis xxx