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Sunday, 9 December 2007

This little piggy ...

I've been rather distracted from my blog this week by an assignment I've had for my Open University plays course. I've had to do a reworking of the story of The Three Little Pigs, but with people, not pigs, and not using houses. It hasn't been easy, especially as I only had a quick read of the relevant course material, rather than studying it properly, because of the time constraint - it was already late (with an approved extention) because of having been in hospital. Anyway it's done and out of the way now. I'm sure that what I've written is a load of rubbish, but I thought it better to get something in and have some chance of getting some marks for it, than not putting anything in and being sure of getting a big, fat zero. So instead of little pigs and a wolf I've done a reworking of the story using three young school friends and a bully from a rival school. I have to say that I am shocked at how violent it is. I'm not a violent person at all, but if you examine the story of The Three Little Pigs at all then you realise how violent it actually is. After all, in the unwatered-down traditional version, the first two little pigs end up being killed. They don't in my version, but they are severely beaten.

I guess one of the things I've realised about the difference between writing plays with other sorts of fiction is that you have to explicitly describe what happens, as opposed to just implying the action or general expressions. I have to say that I felt rather uncomfortable being so explicit with the violence in my writing ... but it didn't stop me. Mind you, I did have to get the assignment done and I'd been putting off doing it, but my extention deadline of Monday has been fast approaching. Now it's all done and sent off and I can forget about it ... until it's marked.

So what else has the rest of the past week held for me? Not a huge amount, if truth be known. My sleep pattern has gone completely to pot, hence this post in the early hours of the morning. One of my major procrastination activities this week has been making rather a lot of Christmas cards, even though I still have a huge number left over from when I had the business. I'll use some of the old ones, but I always like to make some new ones each year for family and some friends.

Lungs wise, I had a couple of days this week when what struck me was that I could actually breathe without having my attention drawn to it. It was a weird feeling - wonderfully refreshing :o) However, the lung stroppiness has returned to its usual levels. It's not too bad in the scheme of things, but it was lovely to have those couple of days where I felt what I presume to be almost normal in the breathing department. Oh well, such is life I guess.

Right then, seeing as it's 4am, I'm still very much awake and my sleep pattern is completely to pot at the moment I may as well get on and do some more creative things. I'm making various things for various people for Christmas, and still have rather a lot to do so I'll get on with some of that. Maybe if I stay up all night tonight then I'll be so tired by tomorrow night that I'll fall into bed early, sleep through and get up at a sensible time on Monday, rather than the midday to 1am that it has been recently.

Take care all.

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