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Friday, 27 June 2008

Getting by

The title says it all really - I'm getting by. My lungs aren't too fantastic right now, though not awful - just the usual daily grind, but meds aren't lasting quite long enough. It's a bit of a pain really, and is limiting what I'm doing, which means that I'm spending rather a lot of time on my own. In theory this means that I can get on with my studies, but in practice it means that I procrastinate and do everything but my studies. Yesterday I sat next to my books for half of the afternoon and most of the evening, glanced at them out of the corner of my eye every now and again, felt guilty for not picking them up and reading them, and then continued to pass the time away with the internet and games of Spider Solitaire. Today has been more productive thankfully, and although I'm yet to open my books for my literature course, I have finished all the reading etc for my photography course. I have the ECA (End of Course Assessment) due in by 9th July so my main task now is to put that together, which consists of a slide show of ten of my best photographs, reflecting different aspects of what I've learnt through the course and a variety of techniques, and then to do a short report (600 words) on them by answering a couple of questions from a short selection. It shouldn't be too bad, and I have ideas for some of the photos.

Other than study and the variability in breathing ability, I guess I'm okay. Things have continued to be somewhat stressful in some areas of life, but I think I'm managing to keep my head above water for the most part, and when I dip under I'm trying to put goggles on so that I can at least see what's around me ;oP

Well I have one or two little jobs to do and then I must do a bit of study on my literature course ... or distract myself from that with selecting my ECA photos for the other course ;o) I leave you with a photo that I took the other day down by the river. It's of the Baltic Flour Mill (now a modern art gallery) and the Millennium Bridge.

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