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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

All done

The exam is over and the course is done. I'm exhausted (in a good way), but I think it went okay :o) I did the exam at home with an invigilator being sent to my house, which was great, but would have been better if the invigilator hadn't kept talking to me and asking questions. She was fine most of the time, but did occasionally try to make conversation ... which is far from ideal when you're trying to write three essays in three hours in an exam. I have the long wait for the results now, which don't come through until the middle of December. It's aaaages, and I get impatient waiting, so I'll have to try to pretend to forget about it.

It's been strange today not having any revision to do after three weeks of doing it intensively, but it's been a welcome break. I don't really have the chance to relax properly, because my next course started ten days ago, not that I've had a chance to start it. I'm looking forward to my new course - advanced creative writing - though I have enjoyed having a day off today, and I'm even watching the telly without feeling guilty about not working :o)

Now that I have a chance to have a bit more of a life beyond study again, I should have more time to spend on my blog again, and something other than study to write about.

Be back soon :o)


Anonymous said...

I always got post exam guilt "but I should be studying!" when the free time hits :) well done for sitting the exam, and I have my fingers crossed for the results

Mad Asthmatic said...

YIPPEEE - exam over - it is a lovely feeling, give yourself a day or two of sofa surfing and indulgent tv watching. I am sure that you will do brilliantly!!!!

will email you soon


B said...

Glad you are finished! Looking forward to seeing you round the A363 tutor group more :)