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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Looser and tighter

Do you have a pair of emergency trousers? Mine are a cheep pair of jeans from Tesco that I quite like, but which hardly ever see the outside world because they're that little bit too tight. They're the ones that come out when all my other clothes are in the wash, but I have to wear something. My emergency trousers had an outing from the drawer the other day and to my surprise and delight they're now a little bit looser than they were :o) They're not quite at the point where I'd feel comfortable wearing them in public, but maybe one of these days they will be. Hurray to weight loss. Okay, so I've only lost 9lbs so far, but that's not bad going really, and I'm pleased :o)

So I have looser emergency trousers, but unfortunately I have tighter lungs today :o( They were a little tighter than usual all through the night and kept waking me up, and today they feel rather irritated and gumbly. To be honest, they feel a little pre-infectiony, but I'm hoping with all hope that they're not and I'm taking things very easy today. After finishing and sending off my assignment yesterday (hurrah! Though that's also why I've neglected you for a bit), this afternoon I've actually had some guilt-free time lying on the sofa reading. It's been lovely. Coughing and wheezing has been a bit of an interruption to the relaxation though, as has the general feeling of not being 100% well. I have to be okay though, because next weekend is my nephews' baptisms and I'm going to be god mother to Daniel :oD I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just ... well, there's always the uncertainty with me and I have to be careful at the first sign of infection. Of course I'll keep an eye on things and go to the doctor for antibiotics if I need them, but at the moment there's nothing much I can do except have extra nebs as I need them. My prednisolone is already at 50mg (I haven't managed to get it down at all since I was in hospital three weeks ago), so there's not a lot of room for manoeuvre there, although I could bump it up to 60mg if I really have to ... We'll see. I'll keep it at 50mg for now and watch carefully how things go.


B said...

Good about the jeans! Bad about the lungs though :( I'm keeping fingers crossed for you that it comes to nothing.

Anonymous said...

9lbs is fantastic. Well done you xx

BeckyG said...

Thanks, B and Anonymous. I'm pleased with the 9lbs, even if I have still got a way to go - it's a good start at least :o)