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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Out of my mind?

I may have just lost the plot and be completely out of my mind (quite possible as, for some reason, I didn't get any sleep last night), but I've come up with another hair-brained idea. It may prove to be beyond me and my physical capabilities but ... I'm thinking of training to do a gym marathon. This is basically doing the distance of a marathon but in the gym, which in my case is with the phsyio in supervised exercise. I'd do it in part for my general fitness and well-being (or well-boing, as I just typo-ed ;oP although I'm guessing there won't be much boing in me by the end of it), and as part of my weight-loss plan, but I'd also do it as a sponsored event to raise money for Ward 29 at Freeman Hospital - my second home. Having come up with the idea and deciding, in my sleep-deprived state, that it's a good one (I may change my mind about this, but I appear to be committing myself to it all the same), I then thought that perhaps I ought to set a date for myself. Now I need to make sure I have plenty of time to get fit enough for it, and there will of course be the variable of my health around the time, but as it could prove to be a complete nightmare I thought it might be apt to do it on or around 31st October. The only drawback is that this is a Saturday and the gym is usually very busy on a Saturday, so it could be postponed to 2nd November, or brought forward to 30th October. As I say, there'll have to be a certain amount of flexibility anyway to allow for breathing ability and my hospital status, but at the moment this is the plan. This morning I voiced the idea on the online weight-loss support group thingumy that I joined the other week and I've already had people saying that they'll sponsor me! This is fantastic, except that I don't know how to set up an online sponsorship site/wotsit so I'm going to have to do some investigating and over-coming of computer numptiness :o/

Oh my word, what am I doing?! Some days I can't even walk, so why on earth am I setting myself this ridiculous target?! Answers on a postcard, or leave a comment seeing as you don't have my address ;o) I will just have to keep telling myself that this is going to be good for me and will also benefit many other people if it raising money for Freeman Hospital's Ward 29. After all, they do have a habit of saving my life ... just so long as they don't have to do so as a result of this craziness ...

Okay, now I've told you about it I guess I'm committed. Eeek!

P.S. If anyone knows how to set up online sponsorship, do let me know. I've looked on Justgiving.co.uk but the ward isn't registered with them even though I know they have their own charity name - SWaRM (Specialist Ward for Respiratory Medicine), which I know because the Charge Nurse asked me to come up with a name for it a few years back.


rattles said...

Well done - brave you!!!
Good luck and if the on-line sponsership thingy does get set up I will sponser you... though slightly mad, its a cool idea!!!

Good luck hon Xxx

ginge x said...

an alternative, would be to do a half marathon on the same day as the great north run?!

B said...

My friend Caroline raised a boatload of money for charity one in four - but I think someone had to pay £300 or so as a set up fee for them to be on there. You could ask her, she's very friendly (tell her I sent you!) Or why not give them a ring, details here: http://www.justgiving.com/statements/about_us/contact.asp

I think it's a mental idea, but a great one - and things being mental never stopped me doing such things. I very much doubt it'll stop you either :o)

I like the idea of doing it at the same time as the GNR - why not do a half? You still need to be pretty darned fit for that! Then if you get the bug, do a full one.

Good luck. In all seriousness - yes I think you should go for it (obviously let your body tell you if it doesn't agree) and the fact you want to do it for Ward 29 is just great. :)

Wanda said...

Well done. Good luck count me in on sponsership.

You're probually fuelled by a the similar hair brained idea that had in buying a bike when I could barely breathe!!