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Friday, 8 May 2009

Safely home

Sorry for the delay in updating you all. I did indeed manage to get home on Sunday and I've been enjoying being back, although I've also been rather tied up with writing my final project for my current OU course. Because this is a creative writing course then the final project isn't quite a dissertation, but rather it's a long short story. I'd done a first draft before I went into hospital (I'm not quite sure how I managed to get my head around doing that when I was feeling so poorly, but I'm glad I did), but I wasn't at all happy with the ending. In my post-hospital stupour and recover period I've been trying to re-write the end of my story and got myself so tied up in knots that I haven't been able to see what's been good and what's been bad about what I had. I've written three or four different versions of the end, but now have something that I'm happier with ... which is a relief as I ended up in tears over it yesterday - testament to the exhaustion that illness causes. The ECA (End of Course Assessment) isn't finished yet as I still have a commentary to write - a reflection on the process of writing the story - but the end is in sight. This is just as well as the completed ECA needs to have reached the Open University central office by 22nd May, which is only two weeks away! :oO

My mother has been staying with me for a few days this week, looking after me in the aftermath of the most recent admission. It's been lovely to have her around, especially while I've been so tired from the pneumonia, asthma, and hospital experience, and so wound up by the ECA. Mum's going home (Edinburgh) tomorrow afternoon, but as was already planned, I'm going up to stay with her for a few days next week. We're going to the theatre on Tuesday evening to see 'West Side Story', which promises to be excellent.

So that's a quick update of where things are at and where things have been, and where I've been.

I have news to get back to you with, but there'll be more on that in the next post.


living_with_ba said...

I'm glad you're home and feeling better...I just wanted to say that as I write for a "living" I'd be happy to have a look at your "long short story" and give you tips and such, if you think it would help. I'm busy today, have to write two chapters of book seven, but I'm free the rest of the week and will have some spare time on Wednesday to look over it if you feel it would help and want to e-mail it over. It's best to use my main e-mail which is JoeyBug (at) tiscali (dot) co (dot) uk

Hope you continue to improve!

Anonymous said...

mum and I saw West side story at the theatre royal in Feb and it is a fantastc version; very modern with some superb contemporary dance (if its the same theatre company -came from world tour?)
G x

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Keep bashing on and you'll get there. Bet I would struggle in exams nowadays. Remember teaching Eng lit. Loved it. favourite was probably 'Of Mice and Men.'

BeckyG said...

Joey, thanks for your offer of looking over my story. I've actually had quite a lot of feedback on it now from people doing my course, which in some ways is probably better as they know what the assessment remit is. Thank you all the same though.

G, I went to West Side Story last night and *thoroughly* enjoyed it. The dancing was brilliant, and the guy playing the part of Tony had a fantastic singing voice. I loved it, and it was exactly the kind of non-taxing thing I needed after having studied so hard over the past week or so since coming out of hospital. Oh, and WWS was the version that's been on tour :o)

Ken, thank you for your encouragement. I think I may now have finished my End of Course Assessment! I'm in shock at the prospect! ;oP I'm actually in Edinburgh at my mother's until tomorrow, so although I've finished my project/story/dissertation-type-wotsitthingumy I can't get it to my OU Regional Centre until I'm home. I get back tomorrow, so aim to get rid of my ECA (End of Course Assessment) on Friday. My summer break is so very nearly here now :oD