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Saturday, 29 August 2009


I'm back home. I got home on Wednesday night after battling for an hour with the Edinburgh traffic before managing to make it onto the A1, and then crawling my way down a stretch of the A1 where they were doing roadworks and taking us down in convoy to ensure a 10 mph speed limit. I eventually made it back around 10.30pm, and of course then it took me a while to wind down after the drive before I could sleep, so when it came to getting up for my hospital appointment on Thursday I wasn't too impressed with it being morning. I managed it though ... not that it was exactly revelatory, and there haven't been any magnificent advances in the treatment of severe asthma in the past three weeks, so we spent most of the time talking about my consultant's holiday to Spain and his past holidays to Greece when he liked to go island-hopping 'as a youngster' :o) However, I did mention the fainting to him, which I thought was a good move as it's now happened a couple of times, and there've been other times when I've felt faint but haven't actually passed out. He decided to take blood to check my Hb again, which I know is the right thing to do, but always seems a bit paradoxical to take haemoglobin out of me when I haven't got enough of it to begin with ;oP I'm guessing he'll write to the GP with any results.

I had a great time in Edinburgh and very much enjoyed all the things I went to at the Fringe Festival and the Book Festival. Apart from the passing out thingumy I think I'm doing a bit better physically now too and I'm slowly getting some strength back. Next on the agenda then is to get myself back to the gym (supervised exercise/physio) and get back to training for my Big Wheeze Gym Marathon. I wrote about this idea some time ago, but I have now (at last!) managed to get sorted with the info I wanted about the Ward fund and donating through Just Giving. I'm thinking of maybe setting up a temporary blog, which I'll link to from this one, to track my progress, but in the meantime, if you want to donate and/or read more about the event and what Ward 29 at Freeman Hospital does then you can do so at my Just Giving page All sponsorship is valuable and very welcome ... and now that I've set up the page and advertised it to the world then there's no backing out. Eek! Here's to my craziness, planned for 30th October 2009!


living_with_ba said...

Got your e-mail, will donate some when I next get paid!

B said...

those roadworks are horrible! glad you got home safe.

hope the training is going well! :)