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Tuesday, 23 September 2008


It's that time of year again when the birds congregate on the rooftops and telegraph wires and constantly chatter about where they're heading for the winter months. It's certainly beginning to feel colder now, and this morning I felt a chill when I woke up that made me want to snuggle further under my duvet, rather than get out of bed. I'm not a fan of winter - the cold air can cause havoc with my lungs - and I think the birds have got the right idea that migrating south through the cold months is the best plan. Unfortunately, for us humans, that either means having enough money to have a second home or spending half the year living in a tent or caravan, and I don't know about you, but I don't have the money for the former or the inclination to do the latter, even though I do enjoy camping.

With the winter chill comes the new bout of winter colds - the snuffles and sneezes and misery-making wheezes :o( I'm actually wondering if I'm coming down with the beginnings of a cold at the moment, because I've had a slightly sore throat all day and have been a little bit sniffly. I will ignore it and tell my lungs that there's nothing to see here, no bugs around to get friendly with, no reason to get excited ... and I'll take the more practical approach of consuming large amounts of vitamin C-rich foods too. Oh, and what an excellent excuse to have more garlic :o)

No, winter and cold of any kind is not my thing. Not a fan. Don't want it. I'd say 'bring back summer,' but we haven't really had one ... unless I missed it during a lie in one morning.

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