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Sunday, 21 September 2008


I forgot to tell you that I got the result through for my digital photography course that I finished back in July. The Charge Nurse on the ward gave me a few minutes on his computer last week so that I could log into my OU homepage and see if my result was in, and it was. I passed with 88% ! Hurray! I really enjoyed the course and learnt a huge amount from it, though I have to admit that I haven't had much chance for photography over the past month or so with having needed to concentrate on my other studies at the moment. Hopefully, come 14th October when the exam's out of the way (exam on 13th), I'll get more time for playing with my camera again :o)

Revision for my English Lit course starts in earnest tomorrow. I'm so far behind with it it's stupid, but I haven't been in much of a position to do anything about this. However, I did manage to get myself to the revision tutorial yesterday, which showed me that I've somehow managed to retain more from my initial studies than I thought I had. I'm still worried about the exam, but perhaps a little less terrified than I was. At the tutorial yesterday I also remembered to hand in my one missing assignment from the course - the one I wrote last week when I was in hospital - so hopefully it won't be long till I get that back marked, because it'd be good to know if I was thinking along the right lines and therefore have something to revise from for that - Ibsen's 'A Doll's House', its dramaturgy, and representation of women in a patriarchal society ... kind of. I've learnt a lot on this course too, and continually surprised myself with my assignment marks. All the way through I've thought that my essays have been sparse, because I've only had enough words (damn word limits!) to discuss a fraction of what I would have liked to cover ... they've pretty much all felt like I've only written part of the answer. However, my lowest mark so far (excluding the one I handing in yesterday and am now waiting for) has been 85% so clearly I've been doing something right. Now all I need to do is pre-empt the exam and work out what the essays I'm going to have to write in that are going to be about. Not so easy. Not easy at all. I've never been terribly good at exams - I like to be able to take my time, think through what I want to say, formulate my ideas clearly in my mind before committing them to paper, and produce busy-looking mind maps in the process. No, I've never really got the hang of exams, so it'll be 'interesting' to see how this forthcoming one goes :o/ ................ Nope, sorry, can't convince myself that it'll be interesting, so let me rephrase that ... it'll be bloody frustrating if I fail at the last hurdle when I've done so well so far. Yup, that's more like it ;o)

So, to bed now so that I can revise/get into a panic about revising tomorrow.

Night all.

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