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Thursday, 25 September 2008

From n-i-p to nipper

Nephew number two has arrived! He eventually made it into the world around midday today and weighed it at 7lb 10z, so although he was three weeks early, he was a very healthy size. Thankfully he appears to be an all-round healthy baby, despite the 'scares' earlier on in the pregnancy and my sister-in-law's high blood pressure throughout. Hurray! As yet the new baby has no name, although I think it's a matter of his parents making that final decision they thought they had another three weeks to come to, and I know of two strong contenders - Jacob and Daniel :o)

I've spent the day stuck in the house, dosing myself up on fruit in an attempt to keep this threatening cold at bay, and also doing/pretending to do lots of revision. I've been somewhat distracted from my studies though on account of Nipper's heading into the world (very literally). He was due to be born the day after my exam, so it's really quite considerate of him to come early, because I wasn't looking forward to trying to concentrate on writing three essays in three hours in an exam whilst knowing that my new nephew might be on his way. Well done that boy! He starts life with a big gold star from me :o)

Well, having nipped in to update you on Nipper, I'd better nip out again and do another half hour of study before stopping for the evening.


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