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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Bad night

In fact not only a bad night, but a fairly terrible night. I've had no sleep and I'm going downhill rapidly. I'm torn between phoning for an ambulance and waiting until either 8:30 am when the GP surgery opens (the GP could then contact the ward) or 9 am when there'll be a doctor on the ward. I'm knackered and really could have done with some sleep last night. I don't know how I'm going to have the energy to fight, which is why I'm considering going to A&E, but I hate A&E especially when I'm on my own and right now I can't think of anyone who could go with me. Everyone has work this morning, except, I think, W who I think has been on night shift all night, and her car is broken anyway. If I go to A&E then I need someone with me who can keep the doctors right with what I can and can't have, because they have a tendency to disbelieve my allergy to magnesium sulphate (it's so rare), so I need someone who knows the score and can speak up for me. The other thing is that if I go to A&E then I may end up not going straight to FRH, but to RVI first and I hate it there. Everything inside me is screaming to try to hold on until at least 8:30. In fact most of me is screaming out for sleep. I'm so tired. I want to cry. I haven't got the energy for this ... only I don't have any choice.

Two hours. Two hours till 8:30. Can I last? I don't know. Should I try? Probably not. Is sense or fear going to rule? I don't know.

I just need to sleep.

I need to somehow find myself in the Freeman and through the course of least resistence.

I need to be able to breathe. Damn it, I'd be able to make decisions if I could breathe ... but then, of course, I wouldn't need to make the decision.

I hate this.

I hate being alone with this.

I'm scared.


B said...

I have nothing useful to say Becky but I wanted to say I'm here and to be honest any other morning I'd say screw work and take you in myself. I wish I could drop everything and do so anyway :(

I'm willing everything to be ok. xxx

Anonymous said...

Will get to you as soon as possible


vivinfrance said...

Becky, I'm so sorry you're back to square 1 again. You're such a brave girl. I wish I could be there to help.

rattles said...

Becky im soooo sorry your having a rough ride of it too. The weather has been a real problem for me just lately, but there are a few of us brittles stuck in captivity a the moment! Ive been in a rather long while now early 4.5 weeks and have had canula's in my toe, fingers one tried one on my palm of hand/wrist!

I hope that they getting you sorted chick. We all miss you about so i hope to 'see' you about again soon honey. Huge get well soon hugs and loads of love Rattles Xxxx