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Thursday, 30 July 2009


Phew, I've avoided being arrested ... so far. No sign of any police handcuffing me to either themselves or my bed, and no mention of being whipped off to a prison cell. My non-attendance at court as a non-witness to the practically non-crime (as it was *attempted* theft and therefore unsuccessful) appears to have been accepted as unavoidable due to my present incarceration at Freeman Hospital. I have just had a phone call from witness services though, that may explain their easy acceptance of my situation - the defendant didn't turn up to court. I'm told that a warrant has now been issued for his immediate arrest! It just gets sillier, doesn't it? The good thing about this is that it means I will still get my big day in court, and therefore will be able to give you a satisfactory outcome to this whole ridiculous affair, because the case is to be rescheduled. Hurrah! I was so intrigued by it all, and really wanted to see the magistrate try to keep a straight face throughout, that I was actually very disappointed not to be able to attend court yesterday. Given that the defendent - JFJO'D - didn't turn up it's probably a good thing that I didn't have to struggle to get there as I was actually very tired yesterday.

In other 'onward' news, I've been seen by the doctor this morning and he says that they'll review things on Monday, but most likely I'll get home early next week :o) This one's been a long haul, but then it was a very bad attack so it's no wonder it's taking time to recover. But I'm getting there, I'm making progress, and as the post titles says: Onward!

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