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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Let's get positive

Okay, it's time for some positivity around here. Things have been tough for a while so it's time to spend a little while thinking about and appreciating the good things. Here goes:

+ Holidays and time away with family.
+ Baby cuddles with J, the newest member of the family who will be 12 weeks old tomorrow.
+ Nephew therapy - J, O, and D are all adorable and life-affirming.
+ The restorative qualities of the countryside.
+ Luxuriously long baths with easily controlled water temperature that's just perfect.
+ Friends. They're such special people who give so much, and are a true blessing. I am very lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life, and I thank every one of them for being the person they are.
+ A five minute break in the rain on a wet day when the sun peeps through the cloud and reminds you that the gloom will pass.
+ Cross-stitch and creativity. I love that I can be creative and relax with a little sewing. I'm working on a cross-stitch for baby J - a Mr Men height chart - and I did a little this evening before coming to bed.
+ The ability to consider various perspectives of an argument. I mention this in relation to my studies at the moment, rather than any actual argument. I'm slowly getting round to thinking about the final essay for my OU course, and while we were watching Bhaji on the Beach this evening (a set 'text' for my course) I was having interesting thoughts about it in relation to the essay.
+ Interesting people around me with whom I can have interesting conversations on a wide variety of subjects.
+ Meds that finally seem to be making a bit of an impact on the fluid retention :o) It hasn't gone yet, but progress has been made and I'm slowly deflating :oD
+ Blackbirds. I love their song. This year there's been one for the first time (or the first time that I've noticed) around my flat. There's also one that comes and sings in the courtyard outside the room I usually have in Ward 29, and it didn't let me down during this latest admission. I heard a cheery little blackbird this evening too as I went for a five minute wander with O and D before their bedtime.
+ Dongles and mobile broadband! It is by the power of such things that I come to you now, and through which I'm able to keep up with my online friends even while I'm away or when I'm in hospital.
+ Werther's Originals. A sweet that I'm not allergic to, and that I particularly enjoy, although I usually only have them when I'm in hospital as I seem to forget about them the rest of the time.
+ Good quality sleep. There's nothing quite like a restful night.

Speaking of sleep, I think it's about time that I got on with getting some. I feel better for having done my list of positive things though :o) It can really help to concentrate on the good things sometimes, and to remind oneself of what they are and how lucky one is to have them.

What are the good things in your life right now?


Tequila Sepulveda said...

Well, frankly, I have stopped the vicodin, in exchange for a nice glass of red wine!

And I'm thrilled you sound so much better, Becky!

Also, a nice London Broil marinated in Tequila (no relation) , jalapeno, garlic and grapeseed oil, and grilled up this afternoon. That truly put a smile in my day, as did the veggies and rice.

PLUS! It's not even 90 degrees today, and that's amazing! :D

Hugs to you!

Kate H said...

Good things in my life right now.....
- Baby Birds all over the lawn this morning - Starlings and sparrows with their gaping beaks.
- Getting on top of all my St John Amb paperwork - well some still in progress but have cracked most of it.
- had a lovely weekend with my niece from Italy - braved some amusement rides at adventure Island in Southend!
- supportive friends who take me to hosp for apps and manage the meadow that is supposed to be a lawn.
- My Mum! She is fantastic and so supportive and helps me out with all sorts........ I hope to return the compliment one day.


Kate said...

Blackbirds' song is one of my Desert Island Discs. Pleased to hear you're a fellow member of the Blackbird Appreciation Society :-)

BeckyG said...

Tequila, red wine in place of vicodin sounds like a great plan! So much nicer all round :oD And isn't it great when a good meal can put a smile on your face :o) Hurrah! The weather sounds lovely too - much better than here in Yorkshire where it's been blustery and a nippy 15C.

Kate, I love your list of good things, too :o) I don't know about you, but I find that consciously focussing on the good things, and writing them down, really helps to lift the spirits. Oh, and I now have a wonderful mental image of your lawn strewn with baby birds, all chirping away demanding to be fed :o) As for the Blackbirds' Song Appreciation Society, I think we should set it up! :oD

Kate said...

Just to avoid any confusion, I should point out that, whilst I'm one of the two Kates above, I'm not both of them! :-)

BeckyG said...

LOL Thanks, Kate. That does help to know :o) Mind you, I'm disappointed that you haven't mastered the art of being more than one person at once, even with the same name ;oP

Kate H said...

Too many Kate's!
I have tried to change my profile... I am Kate Moss / Kate H...
I think my old posts still say Kate but with the orange 'B' next to my name.... You may get a pingu picture with this one.....

formatie nunta said...

Good things in my life:
- first my family
- i have a job that i like a lot.
- after a couple of weeks i will go on vacation, finally :D
- i am healthy.

There a lot of things, but these are most important.

BeckyG said...

Formatie nunta, they're great positives! Thank you for sharing them :o) Can I ask where you're going on your holiday and what you plan on doing while away? I love holidays :o)