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Tuesday, 8 January 2008

On a cheery note

I've been eligible for motability for quite some time, but haven't made use of it as I have my own car already - a Toyota Yaris. However, it's seven years old this year (I've only had it for 4 years though), and in a couple of months it'll be due all those horribly costly things of MOT, service and insurance, so I thought that now would be a good time to consider getting a motability car. I contacted them a long while back and was sent their info so I've had a while to read through it, think about it and look at some of the vehicle options available to me. I decided to go for it.

After a lazy Saturday morning I decided that, having made a short-list of cars I might like, that it was time to visit some garages to have a closer look. I ended up having a very close look ... so close I ended up test-driving three different cars :o) One of the cars I tried was the Mazda 2, which I liked very much - it was light and nippy, and responsive - but to get one with lots of the nice little extras like air conditioning, alloy wheels, split rear seats, remote controls for the stereo system, I'd have to pay a deposit of £995, which I couldn't afford. The other option from Mazda was the M3, which came with all these nice little extras as standard and no deposit was needed, but although I liked it when I drove it, it felt rather heavy, and actually I the gears didn't feel very precise either.

I went to the Nissan garage. I test-drove the Note and loved it. I first of all tried the 1.4L Note Acenta R, which, like the M3 has all those nice little extras, but also has the rear sliding seat like the Yaris (thereby making the boot bigger) as well as a fair few other features too. Then I discovered that, still with no deposit required, I could get the 1.6L Note Acenta R, so asked for a test-drive for that. They didn't have any of these available to drive, but they did have the 1.6L Note Tekna, which is the top of the range in the Note series. This has even more 'nice little extras' and it was a dream to drive. What's more is that, although it required a deposit it was only £99.

I slept on it ... but not much and only got about 4 hours sleep on Saturday night. Well it nice and bright, if rather chilly, on Sunday morning, so what better way to spend it than going back to the garage, test-driving the 1.6L Note Tekna again and then putting an order in? So that's what I did (opting for 'Emotion Red'!), and I'm stupidly excited. I have the lovely glossy brochure about the Note and keep picking it up and cooing over all the bright, shiny pictures, and getting more excited. I also have the dull grey brochure with all the technical information in it, and I pick that up too, and peer at the strange words and the baffling figures and try to work out what more of them mean (I do understand some of them, honest). In the end though I figure it doesn't matter, and I get all excited just because this bombardment of numbers and gobbledegook are all about the new car I'm going to be getting in about 3 weeks time :o)

I will spend the nights of the next three weeks either dreaming of my bright new shiny car (that will need a name, by the way), or unable to get any sleep at all ;oP I'm off now to do one of those two things.

Night all.

P.S. Did I happen to mention that I'm getting a new car?

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