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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Taking liberties

I was woken this morning by the sound of the television mumbling away in the living room. This is a little unnerving when you live alone and you know that you've been tucked up in bed asleep. Once I'd come round enough to realise that the TV was on and I hadn't fallen asleep in front of it, I staggered out of my pit and wandered into the living room, whereupon I discovered Imposter Cat lounged comfortably on the settee again. Obviously, feeling very much at home now, Imposter Cat had decided that a spot of breakfast news on the telly was just the thing for a Sunday morning. I disagreed, especially as this decision had been made by an uninvited guest. I reached over to get the remote control, which caused Imposter Cat to lose his concentration on the TV, and, I have to say, he looked most disgruntled when I turned it off. Then it was as if he'd suddenly remembered that he wasn't supposed to be looking quite so comfortable, and he slunk off the sofa and scurried out of the cat flap. I went back to bed. However, Imposter Cat was stretched out on the sofa again when I got up for the second time this morning, though he didn't look quite so comfortable to have been discovered slobbing out for the second time in one morning. He made a sharp exit, but stayed sat outside the cat flap while I fed Zach, looking as though he was wandering when he'd be able to come in and steal Zach's food. No more imposition as yet, but I'd lay bets on Imposter Cat making a reappearance before the day's out.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha

I have visions of said moggy with remote in paw and a bottle of lager in the other and a bag of crisps at his side.

Sounds like he's made himself at home

Anonymous said...

if imposter cat turned the tv on does that mean its on standby over night? Or is he in fact a genius cat who can push a button on the tv, and in which case I think you should keep him and take him on the road with a travelling circus to earn fame and fortune!!

BeckyG said...

Hi Ginge, I wish that I had found the means to gaining some wealth, but alas, I've been found out and the TV was indeed on standby over night.

... I don't feel any better for the confession.