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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Preparing for a new experience

In amongst the hubbub of Christmas preparations I received an email from the chaplain at the hospital that I usually get admitted to. He asked if I'd help him out by giving a talk to a group of potential new chaplaincy visitors about the experience of being ill and of being a patient in hospital. After all that the hospital and the chaplaincy team have done for me I thought this was a good opportunity to give something back. I have plenty of experience of being ill and being a hospital patient so I'm well qualified ... except that I have virtually zero experience of public speaking. I'm rather nervous, but I'm also strangely looking forward to it, and I think I've worked out what I'm going to say, which is even better. I'm going to attempt to use PowerPoint for the first time, after spending much of last night working out (I hope) how it works and how to set up a presentation. I don't want to be too presumptive in my skills, but PowerPoint seems quite easy ... though I might just have given my presentation the kiss of death by saying that.

The talk I'm giving is to last about half an hour, with some time for questions as well. As I say, I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm hoping that what I plan to say is interesting and won't have them fidgetting in their seats desperately wishing for the end.

I'm not going to write out here everything that I'm going to say tomorrow, but I thought that I might share some of it with you, perhaps in installments. I'll start with the next post.

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