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Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Still plodding on

I'm still at home, much to my surprise, but still struggling on. I'm tired now and really do just want the peak of the approaching attack to come. I know that there's nothing that my doctors can do, but I think that I may phone either the ward or my consultant tomorrow. I don't know what I expect them to do, but I at least need them to know, and maybe they'll take a look at me up on the ward, even if I'm not admitted straight away. I dunno ... I'm just worn out and fed up and I need somebody to do something, or at least know that I'm going to be needing lots of help very soon. It doesn't help that for the past couple days I've had lots of earache too :o( It's making me more miserable and taking the fight out of me. It's silly how such a minor thing can have such a big effect, but it's because it's on top of this relentless battle for breath.

Moan over. Time now for a cup of tea and to make my way back to bed.

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